Batman: The Black Mirror

Scott Snyder gets his first go at Detective Comics Batman illustrated by Jock and Francessco Francavilla. The Black Mirror features Dick Grayson and follows the Imposters storyline by David Hine. The final arc in the original run of Detective Comics 

The Black Mirror Theme

With the introduction of new characters including The Dealer, Roadrunner, Sonia Zucco and Tiger Shark, Snyder also brings back James Gordon Jr. from a long hiatus. James Gordon Jr. is a remorseless killer, one that Dick Grayson sees himself reflected in, a sort of black mirror of souls completely at odds as the son of Batman and the son of Gotham.

What's After

Volume two Faces of Death during The New 52. Although the Scott Snyder's Batman run is continued into Gates of Gotham and The Court of Owls.

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