Episode 14 - Kate has the Couch - Part 1

Episode 14 - Kate has the Couch - Part 1 - Podcasting Brilliance

We find out our own podcasters don't even use this website! Kate and Luke dont read volume 3 however due to alcholoic drinks we still manage to record 2 podcasts for you all to listen to.

We sit down and ramble (in a drunken manner) about Robert Kirkman's masterpiece comic The Walking Dead - Miles Behind Us published by Image Comics. Stay tuned to hear what we talk about in part 2...

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Check out what we read:

The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us

The second volume of The Walking Dead (Miles Bhind Us) written by Robert Kirkman, Artist Charlie Adlard, colouring by Cliff Rathburn and published by Image Comic's. After some losses the survivors leave Atlanta and travel across many miles of hos...